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Marathon Survey – Questionnaire details

The following questions were to be answered during the survey. 

Personal Data

-       Sex

-       Age (in years)

-       Weight (in kg or in american pound (lbs) - please specify)

-       Height (in cm or in feet/inches - please specify)

-       Country of origin

-       Do you smoke?

-       Do you drink alcohol? 

Training Data

-       How many years are you practicing active running?

-       How long have you been running marathons (in years)?

-       In how many marathons did you participate? 

-       How many km do you run in a week? 

-       How often do you train? (times a week) 

-       Do you practice other sports?


-       Do you suffer from a disease? If yes, which?

-       Did you already run a marathon after intake of analgesics (for example ASA, 
        Asperin, ibuprofen, diclofenac ...)?

-       Which painkillers did you take?

-       How many times did you run a marathon after intaking painkillers?

-       When did you take the pain medicine? (until xxx days before the run - 0 means raceday)

-       Was the reason for the painkiller intake EXISTENT pain?
        (If so, which pain?)

-       Have you taken the painkiller for PREVENTION of pain? (If so, for which pain?)

-       Have you taken the painkiller to improve performance?

-       Have you taken the painkiller for PREVENTION of a disease? (If yes, which?)

-       Have you taken the painkiller for THERAPY of a disease? (If yes, which?)

-       Have you taken the painkiller for the following other reasons?

-       Was the pain medication prescribed by a doctor? 

-       Do you otherwise take pain medication on a regular basis?

-       Do you take other medications than pain killers? (If yes, which?)


Side Effects

-       Did after the marathon one or more of the following symptoms show up?
        [Dizziness, Nausea, Vomiting, Heartburn, Tinnitus, Blurred vision ,Stomach pain, Bleeding from the stomach / intestines, Stomach            ulcer, Liver dysfunction, Gout attack, Asthma, Shortness of breath, Anemia, Bleeding into joints, Swelling of joints, Hematoma                  (bruising), others (specify)]

-       If hematoma, where?

-       Did it come to temporary absence from work because of the adverse event?

-       Have you been in medical treatment because of the adverse event?

-       Was hospitalization required due to the adverse event?


Personal judgement

-       How serious (dangerous) do you think is the use of painkillers before a marathon? [very serious, serious, little serious, not serious]

-       Would you (again) take a painkiller before a marathon?